Why more parents are using Cannabis?

When someone is pressed for time, stressed out, and sometimes understated, they're parents.

Given the constant demands of looking after others, making a living, and taking care of yourself, it's all too easy to feel a little burned out.

Many parents, hoping to de-stress from their daily grind, and it's not uncommon for people, so getting their adult children to the class. "They say, 'cannabis makes them a better parent.'"

No doubt, parents also need a bit of adult time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Adult time will not always be feasible, and often priority is given to spending time with the family.

While there are many ways during the day to find relaxation, including meditation and daily meetings with friends, it's no wonder that many progressive parents chose to relax with a little cannabis.

Work and Parenthood Have you been a bit too stressed out? Small to moderate levels of Cannabis might be a convenient way to wind down quickly.


Reasons why parents use marijuana

Cannabis fulfills multiple functions in people's lives. As it stands today, there is scientific proof of medicinal benefits of Cannabis for the following conditions: multiple sclerosis anti-spasm, epilepsy anti-convulsive, chemotherapy anti-nausea, as a pain reducer and appetite stimulant for people with severe weight loss. Recent research has shown how effective Cannabis is in managing pain.


While Cannabis can have an impact on mental health in many cases, some people with mental health issues use it to relieve the symptoms of their disorder or their medication's unpleasant side effects.


 — and legalization leads to the use of the plant into homes.  Parents are finding it essential to have direct conversations with their children and other parents about their use of the plant.


If you eat cookies, your children could end up eating cookies too.


The same principles can apply when dealing with marijuana.


Dussalt, the creator of Ganga Yoga, says she also tells clients that while in many areas cannabis is normal and now legal, it isn't the cure-all for every life woe. But it can be an important addition to the parenting tool set. she says. "Cannabis was controversial ten years ago, and now it is almost common. It [stops being] provocative when mums do it.

With 3 in 10 parents admitting the recreational smoking of marijuana, we further broke down the data by class, relationship, and even political affiliation.

Our research found some convincing differences between users and non-users who were parents. Interestingly, almost 59 percent of single parents used marijuana for recreational purposes versus slightly more than 41 percent of married parents. More than 59 percent of single women have reported recreational use of marijuana, while about 42 percent for single men said the same.


In the age of new cannabis laws and evolving studies, the discussion between American families on weed is evolving rapidly. Most of the parents want to teach their children about the drug, but they are not sure how.

"I have a nine- and 12-year-old, and I frequently talk about cannabis," says Ashley Kingsley, co-founder of Ellementa. Another said, "I share with my kids the several uses and medicinal properties, which the plant offers. With honesty, I respond to their questions. Cannabis saved my life, and every day, I celebrate it.


For children questioning, "What's a Joint? "Or" What is pot? "You can have a quick and straightforward response such as, 'It's a herb I consume, and when you're old enough, you can decide for yourself whether you'd like to try it.' It's important to emphasize that the herb is only for adults. Still, giving them the right to explore it when they're 21, a minimum age adult can recreationally use Cannabis in states where it's legal for adults.

It's no wonder that parents who drink or smoke may lose patience with their kids. And yes, most parents who reported boozing in the past year were now most likely to have a punitive parenting style.


But marijuana, commonly believed to have a soothing effect, was often linked to punitive parents. An increase in discipline was even more prominent in parents who use both marijuana and alcohol.

Like several other aspects of parenting, what someone shares is up to them regarding their cannabis consumption. "It's important from an etiquette perspective to be respectful of whatever a parent chooses,"


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